Thursday, November 10, 2011

Table Mats

Hie there,

I made a few table mats and personalized them by writing the recipient's name on it.... after making the mats they are all laminated.... (the pictures aren"t so clear ..... Sorry!)

Dis one is for a little kid... so there is a hippo rhino snake frog elephant...... isn't dat cute?

the red stripped paper is adhered in between a single pattern paper

A lot of time and efforts are put in this mat..... the blue sheet is cut @ 1 inch and the pink sheet is cut at a quarter inch... each strip of paper is put together and finally laminated

In this card, i've used a 12 x 12 inch pattern paper and cut them into 12 -1 inch stripe each and rearranged the pattern of the sheet... for the side green panels the paper is a very sober green self checks...

This mat is made by using a 12 x 12 inch pattern paper and in between a 1 inch horizontal red paper is adhered .... the flowers on the pattern paper has red centers, which are separately stuck.

My family was very happy to receive these personalized table mats .....

Try them....


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Tejal said...

what a cool funky idea!!! should give it a try sometime!