Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cup Cake

Its a simple card with stamped cup cake and the transparent polka wrapping sheet which s attached at the bottom... ( in the picture its reflecting the light... )

i enjoyed making this simple card


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lucy's Card Challenge 2- Wings & Strings

Today's cards is a card that i made for Lucy's Card challenge 2 - Wings & Strings... I loved the challenge...
This challenge is special to me because i made this card for my sister who just got engaged.... :)
I made 'wings' to the heart and added a little 'string' at the bottom.....
Confession: Adding the wings to the heart was inspired by a mini stamp set that i have :)

see u soon... :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simple Card

hey everyone....
I am posting a card after so long... that's bocz my cousin got engaged and the wedding is next month (that soon...!) so all the wedding preparations are on in full swing...... i might not get time for crafting but whenever and whatever i do, you'll know about it.....
today's card is simple....

White circles on green paper is with my white get pen and the greeting is hand written...
see u soon

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


hey i missed my blog.. my hands were itching because its been quite a while i did something with paper... i was out of town for a wedding (which was full of FUN....!!) but now i am back... though I am a little busy preparing for my Grandmom's birthday I'll try and be n touch as much as possible... Thank u so much guys for being so warm in my very 1st month... :)
The BIG reason for my happiness is that I called for this paper cutter from London from a friend ..... thanks buddy.... :) [ I have called for clear stamp sets as well i'lll upload the pictures in a while]

There are two blades that i got in the cutter.. One is a simple 'Straight' blade and the other is a 'Victorian' Blade which cuts and little zig zag!
I couldnt resist making a simple card to use the cutter.... its awesome.... :) love it....

Hope u like it....

Have a wonderful day !!