Friday, November 20, 2009

Some more GLITTER!!

Its been such a busy week... but i had time for crafting... :) its my grand mom's 75th birthday next month and we have thought of keeping a small party with some relatives coming over... As return gift my grand mom's going to give away some envelopes... she asked me to design some... i couldn't resist putting some of my favourites on my blog.
So here they are

Pattern of each envelope that i made is different but the things used in making these envelopes are same i.e flowers, glitter, mirror, kundan and some stitching with the white or black gel pen.

I got the Envelopes from a Local Store and just started designing each one of them.... I didn't buy any kundan or mirror. i had them all with me waiting to be used or scrapped... i generally take out all the kundan etc from wedding cards ad reuse them.... so i went ahead and used all the stuff that i had...
It was a Glittery Week .... (including my craft room, my board, scissors everything.... and i enjoyed it)
Thanks for dropping in today...
have a happy weekend

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Spardha said...

awesome!.. a lott more glitter!.. luv ur third envelope from the top, the green one!.. its amazing!.. :)